Troy Ave Drops ‘Black Church’ Diss After Testifying In Taxstone Trial

Taxstone and Troy Ave

Despite the artist working for the government, fans still like the music.

Moments after taking the stand in the controversial Taxstone trial about the murder of his friend and bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave has dropped a diss track against his enemy.

The new song hit the internet on Monday, March 13, and is called “Black Church.” Many people are referring to it as the “Taxstone Diss.”

A video has also been released where Troy Ave, dressed in a hoodie, is spitting in front of an actual church in the night— so it looks black. The rhyme seems to defend or at the very least says he’s good with his decision to cooperate with the courts.

As reported by, Troy Ave cooperated with the government to ensure the Taxstone gets locked up.

In a matter of two days, the video has amassed approximately 50,000 views.

One person wrote, “Man you killed them last two drops. Belly of The Beast & Black Church 🔥🔥 That’s the Troy Ave we want. #TopTierBars.”

Another wrote, “I ain’t even get to tell you but that White Xmas needed that Black Church on it. My s### on the album is once upon a time and Blue Chanel.”

“That @TroyAve Black Church 🔥🔥🔥,” one fan submitted.