Troy Ave Talks TDE Signing Rumors, Says Joe Budden Is Leeching Off DJ Akademiks (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) On his “Truth Be Told PSA” track, Troy Ave suggested he almost signed to the West Coast-based record label Top Dawg Entertainment.

TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith later came out to deny he or anyone connected with the company spoke to Troy about joining the team.

“4 the record… I’ve never had a convo with Troy ave or any 1 in his camp.. neither has KDot.. yesterdays story was fake news,” posted Tiffith on Twitter.

Troy stopped by Power 106, and the NuPac project creator was asked about claims of nearly being a TDE artist.

“Certain media pockets try to twist words and things that I say, but the good thing about me is the truth don’t change. I never have to double back and change up my story and really explain,” said  Troy.

He continued, “If you take the original place where they said I said TDE was about to sign me – you can listen to that on NuPac – I never actually said that. I said I was sitting in jail, going through hell, and then it came to me. Kendrick Lamar reached out to Rob Markman and said, ‘What’s up with Troy?'”

According to Troy, he never spoke to anyone at TDE, but because of the “hate” in New York he considered moving to the West Coast. He then supposedly asked his manager to reach out to the label about a potential deal, and Markman supposedly worked to connect the two sides.

“I’ll get an idea and I’ll be like, ‘What’s up with it?’ If it don’t go through right then and there I’ll be like, ‘Forget about it,'” added the Brooklyn rhymer. “I put plans in action. Unfortunately, I’m sitting in jail and I can’t put no plan in action. So I’m depending on other people to put the play together, and they couldn’t. I would’t have no reason to lie.”

Later in the interview, Troy addressed his issues with Joe Budden, who he dissed on “Press Spray.”

“Shout out to DJ Akademiks… He shouldn’t be doing nothing with that sucker,” said Troy referring to the Complex online show Everyday Struggle with Budden and Akademiks. “I feel like [Budden’s] leeching off him. Akademiks could have did that by himself.”