Troy Ave’s Manager Defends Violent Lyrics On New Song “Chuck Norris (Hoes & Gangstas)”


(AllHipHopNews) Troy Ave has been entangled in controversy lately and he may be in a bit more hot water after the release of his track “Chuck Norris (Hoes and Gangsters).”

The record showcases Troy rapping lines like:

Unofficial n##### always hate on the official/I ain’t that kind when I blow it, ain’t a whistle/I am that kind that stand over you with pistols/It is what it is and I feel no remorse/Been married to the game and we still ain’t divorced

The New York rapper already has his share of distress since being incarcerated for attempted murder and held without bond for his alleged involvement in a shooting at T.I.’s concert at Irving Plaza last month.

The incident left four individuals injured including – Troy Ave himself – and one person dead, Troy’s friend/bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Ironically, Ronald McPhatter was laid to rest only a day before the release of “Chuck Norris (Hoes and Gangsters).”

In an interview, Troy Ave’s manager Hovain Hylton came quickly to his defense.

“The music is the music. The mixtape was scheduled to come out before any of the other things happened, and the only thing that changed is the title: ‘Freetroyave,’” Hylton said.

There is a widely documented history of prosecutors referring to Gangster rap lyrics as a method to demonize the accused, such as in the high-profile murder case of Lil Boosie’s legal troubles.

Boosie was ultimately found innocent but it was a trying experience for the rapper, who has since moved out of Baton Rogue and vowed to never live in the city again.

Troy Ave’s upcoming release “Free Troy Ave” was originally entitled “Real vs. Fake” and is due for release today.

The mixtape will include the controversial song “Chuck Norris (Hoes and Gangsters).” Give the track a listen below.