Tsu Surf Breaks Silence, Finally Addresses RICO Rumors 

Tsu Surf is preparing to live “Life without the lights,” confirming speculation that he is caught up in a federal RICO case.

“Free Surf” began trending last weekend after rumors that Tsu Surf had been arrested on RICO charges hit the net. The New Jersey battle rapper has finally broken his silence stating: “I prolly never step on a stage again.” 

The Garden State native hopped on Twitter to address his fans on Thursday evening (Oct. 6), although he used a burner account rather than his official verified page. He fired off a series of cryptic messages addressing the RICO charges, hinting that life will never be the same.  

“I prolly never step on a stage again….God has a way of Humbling Us,” penned Tsu Surf. “Life without the lights….I wonder how it’s gone be.” 

Earlier in the week, Lisa Evers at Fox 5 News NY reported she had spoken to Surf’s friend and manager, Qua Bellamy, who confirmed: “Tsu Surf is definitely not on the run. He is in good spirits and preparing to deal with a federal law enforcement matter.”  

Bellamy added that the rapper is taking care of his family and business associates. Surf “does not know the severity of the situation yet, but is preparing for the worst and praying for the best.” He asked fans to respect his privacy and send positive energy and prayers his way. Watch the report below.  

Lisa Evers also confirmed that Surf “WAS NOT ARRESTED in Operation Rodeo,” – another Jersey RICO case – as some fans had speculated.  

Tsu Surf Confirms RICO Charges

However, it appears despite taking steps to take his music and battle rap career to the next level, Tsu Surf is facing RICO charges. After Evers confirmed Surf was not caught up in Operation Rodeo, he took to Twitter to shoot down the rumors that he was not involved in another RICO case.  

“So… because a n#### not on ONE RICO case, it means he not on ANOTHER? 😒. The internet dumb,” he wrote. “Who tf plays wit Rico next to they name.”  

Surf also cryptically shared a recent image of Assata Shakur, the godmother of Tupac who has been on the run from the FBI for over 40 years.  

When whispers of Surf’s arrest began, battle rap vlogger Vada Fly revealed he spoke to Surf, who told him the charges may stem from something he’s done in the past. The talented artist was “blindsided” by the allegations and has no clue why he is being targeted. 

While Tsu Surf was arrested on gun charges several times prior to 2019, he has spent the last three years focused on his career goals. He’s made music with some top names in Hip-Hop, including Benny the Butcher, Jim Jones, Chris Brown, and Mozzy.  

As a battler, he is at the top of the game, currently on one of the longest winning streaks in modern battle rap history. His last battle was against fellow veteran JC on URL’s Summer Madness in September. The following day Tsu Surf made history as the first battle rapper to perform at Rolling Loud