Tupac Shakur Estate Moves To Block Sale Of Rappers Lyrics


(AllHipHop News) Tupac Shakur’s estate reportedly plans to block the sale of his handwritten lyrics to song Catchin’ Feelins.

Memorabilia company Moments in Time announced it plans to sell the original lyric sheet on 13 September (16), the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s death. The star was injured in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas and he died days later, in 1996.

The handwritten lyric sheet for Catchin’ Feelins, appeared on 2002 posthumous album Better Dayz.

The framed A4-sized lined piece of paper features Tupac’s untidy scrawled lyrics in blue ink complete with scribbles and corrections.

Gary Zimet from Moments in Time told TMZ.com he received the lyrics from somebody who used to work at the studio where Tupac recorded the track in 1996.

However, managers of the Tupac Shakur estate claims that while managers and employees sold off tons of his personal property, it is the rightful owner of all his lyrics and written creations, none of which the rapper ever sold.

The estate said it is “aggressively pursuing” those who purposely try to exploit his memory.

Zimit thinks the estate has no claim, and says it’s full steam ahead for the sale. The lyrics are scheduled to be sold for at least $38,500.