Tupac Shakur Murder Case: Lawyer Says Keefe D Intends To Plead Not Guilty

Tupac Shakur

Prosecutors accused Duane “Keefe D” Davis of orchestrating the murder of Tupac Shakur, who was shot and killed in 1996.

A Nevada judge allowed a second delay of Keefe D’s arraignment in the Tupac Shakur murder case on Thursday (October 19). Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis, needed more time to settle his legal representation in the case.

Attorney Ross Goodman appeared with Keefe D in court. Goodman asked Judge Tierra Jones for a continuance, telling the judge he was unable to confirm if he would be Keefe D’s lawyer at Thursday’s hearing.

“I’m going to give you two weeks, but in two weeks, we’ve got to get this case moving,” Judge Jones told Keefe D and Goodman, per the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Goodman spoke to reporters after the hearing. He said Keefe D plans to plead not guilty to the 1996 murder of Shakur.

Las Vegas police arrested Keefe D on September 29. He was charged with one count of murder with the use of a deadly weapon and with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal gang.

Prosecutors said Keefe D didn’t shoot Shakur but orchestrated the attack. Authorities accused Keefe D of providing the gun to the shooter, long believed to be his late nephew Orlando Anderson.

Keefe D revealed his involvement in Shakur’s death in a memoir and interviews. Goodman downplayed Keefe D’s admissions.

“If you don’t have a car, if you don’t have a gun, and you don’t have witnesses to corroborate what Mr. Davis said under those circumstances, I believe that there’s an obvious defense to that on why he made those statements,” Goodman contended.

Keefe D remains in custody. Goodman will ask for Keefe D’s release if retained as counsel.