Twitter Drags Safaree For Treating Erica Mena Bad

Erica Mena and Safaree

Fans of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we’re not feeling the way Safaree was treating his soon to be ex-wife Erica Mena on the debut episode of the new season!

It seems like Erica Mena and Safaree have had a very public relationship since they got together.

Their marriage was reality show catnip for nosey fans that just want a glimpse into the private lives of two of Hip-Hop’s most unlucky lovers.

The fans have been rooting for them to beat the odds, believing that a) the relationship is real and b) that these two outcasts have found something of substance between each other.

However, recently, the relationship drama between EraFaree (or Safica) has been on high.

So, high that rumors have been hitting the blogosphere suggesting that they are soon headed for divorce… despite having two small children.

On the season premiere of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” you get to see (in their storyline) what might be adding to their drama.

In one scene, the two discuss their problems and Nicki Minaj’s ex comes off like a straight up a######.

Fans didn’t like it and took to social media to let it be known.

“If Safaree don’t get thee entire f### outta here!”

“Yea Safaree is a total p#### but Erica Mena stays being highly embarrassing.”

“I feel soo bad for Erica no lie. Safaree is HELL! it’s like she married an 17 yr old boy..”

“Nicki really had @IAMSAFAREE in CHECK got him dancing & s###. she hid that man for 10 years, she been told y’all he a clown. @iamErica_Mena on the other hand, lookin like a whole bird goodbye” has covered his marital misdeeds in the past.

However, at least for the sake of the kids, we had hoped that this was a storyline gone bad. We will see how the season develops, hoping that perhaps a spinoff is set to pop off like the one we’ve been waiting for Ray J and Princess Love to debut.

Developing …