Two Teens Plead Guilty In Murder Of Rapper Young Greatness

The New Orleans rapper was shot in October of last year and now his killers are finally facing justice.

(AllHipHop News) Rest in peace, Young Greatness.

The New Orleans rapper was shot back in October 2018, as a result of an armed robbery gone wrong.

Young Greatness, real name Theodore Jones, was on the rise in his rap career thanks to his hit song “Moolah,” when he died at the age of 34-years-old.

The news was recently revealed that two teenagers have plead guilty to the shooting of Jones, which leaves their alleged accomplice facing the possibility of standing trial alone.

On December 16th, 19-year-old Donny Maxwell admitted to charges of manslaughter, armed robbery, obstruction of justice, as well as conspiring to commit the latter two.

Two months prior, 17-year-old Lovance Wix also pleaded guilty to the majority of those charges.

He only acknowledged firing a gun in the Waffle House parking lot illegally.

After this plea, Orleans Parish Criminal District Court Judge Camille Buras slapped Wix, who was 16 at the time of the crime, with a 20-year sentence.

Maxwell is currently in jail awaiting his sentence, and he faces up to 40 years in prison on the manslaughter conviction and 99 years for the armed robbery.

A 39-year-old named Donald Reaux remains as the lone defendant.