Tyga Raps About Underage Sex…With Kylie?

Tyga Gives No Fks!

Kylie Jenner may be 18 now, but some new lyrics from Tyga seem to pay homage to his girlfriend’s underage status. Tyga does not specifically name the Kardashian clan member.

The song “Stimulated” seems to suggests he’s cool with having sex with underage girls.

“They say she is young/ I shoulda waited. She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated/She a big girl dog, I’m puttin’ in. Yeah I’m penetrating,” he says on the song. To make matters more confounding, the song seemingly samples or re-plays the melody to “Children” by Robert Miles.

Kylie became legal this month and Tyga is still 25.

Check out “Stimulated” right here.