Tyler Perry Gives Must Watch Inspiring Speech At People’s Choice Awards

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry Gives Must Watch Inspiring Speech At People’s Choice Awards

Tyler Perry had a strong message for his fans when he collected his People’s Choice Award.

Tyler Perry imparted some words of wisdom as he collected his People’s Champion Award at Sunday’s E! People’s Choice Awards.

Taking the stage, the actor, director and producer explained that, when he was younger, he attempted to avoid high water bills by digging a well – but, after multiple attempts, he never hit water. He was ready to give up and stop looking when he and his neighbor realized how close they actually were to water.

“Why am I talking about digging for water? In this world we’re all digging wells, in our lives, digging wells in relationships, put time and effort and energy and sometimes doesn’t give us what we need,” explained Tyler. “Time and effort and energy in dreams and business and doesn’t give us what we were after. But if you just keep digging, just hear me now, keep digging, you may be four inches away from every gift and blessing you ever wanted in your life.”

The filmmaker continued: “Had I given up — had I given up when I was homeless, sleeping in my car, hungry, had I given up on people you see on the screen right now wouldn’t be part of my dream. People tied into your dreams and destiny, and you’re worthy of getting to your goal. Keep digging, don’t stop.

“Let me tell you something, listen to me, when you get there, to that water and see it coming and know you have what you need, this is what I want you to always remember, make sure that everybody you run into meets you at your worst,” insisted the A Fall from Grace star. “Thank you to all the people who voted for me to have this. I’m really inspired, motivated, moved and I’m going to keep going. God bless you.”

Tyler concluded his message: “Make sure people meet you at your worth.”