Tyler, The Creator Questions If Race Played A Part In Being Banned Overseas


(AllHipHop News) Over the last five years Tyler, The Creator has built a loyal following around the world. Unfortunately, the Odd Future frontman is not allowed to perform for many of his fans in several foreign countries.

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Tyler has faced bans and backlash in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom because some people argue the rapper encourages violence against women and intolerance against homosexuals. The “Deathcamp” rhymer spoke with Rolling Stone about being blocked from doing shows in those nations, and he questioned if his race played a role.

“It’s other people who’ve actually done things and they’re still allowed in these places,” said Tyler about other artists actually physically assaulting women and still being allowed to perform. “Then I start to think, is it status? Is it because I’m not as big as them? And then it’s like, ‘No, that probably can’t be it.’ What could the other reason be? Then the other thing is, like, ‘I guess it could be because of the color of the skin that I have.'”

The California native is no stranger to controversy. Critics have bashed Tyler throughout his career for perceived misogynistic lyrics. The budding filmmaker also lost a campaign with Mountain Dew after Dr. Boyce Watkins called his “Felicia the Goat” ad for the soda brand “arguably the most racist commercial in history.”

“Everyone’s so sensitive,” added Tyler. “Why the f*cking parents ain’t f*cking raising their kids to not take sh*t seriously, to be smart enough to know what’s right and wrong?’ Or instead of banning me from a country, why don’t you just make sure the f*cking kids don’t go to the show, you d######? Is that hard?”

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