Tyler, The Creator Talks Taxes And Education

Tyler the Creator

Tyler the Creator explains how his schooling left him unprepared to deal with taxes and other serious issues.

Rapper and influencer Tyler, The Creator has urged education chiefs around the world to ditch classes that won’t help kids as adults.

The hitmaker insists he was ill-prepared for life after school because no one taught him about taxes and how to take care of himself in the big wide world.

Asked what he would teach in school, during a new Abode MAX interview, the “Earfquake” star said, “How to do your taxes, more music classes, more cooking classes. Teach people how to wash their a**.”

Tyler insisted there would be very little advice he’d give his teenage self if he could go back in time, but he would make it clear that everything he writes on social media will be scrutinized when he becomes famous.

“(I’d say), ‘Everything you put on the internet since you were 15, people will try to bring up no matter what. So if you said, ‘Hey, I hate the color orange’, and you wear the color orange 11 years later, people will say… ‘You’re a hypocrite!'”