Tyrese Breaks Down At R. Kelly’s Jailhouse Message Of Condolence

Tyrese shared a text message offering condolences he claims to have received from R. Kelly that led him to break down with emotion.

Tyrese was overcome with emotion after convicted sex trafficker R. Kelly reached out to him, offering condolences following the death of his mother last month

He shared a screenshot of the message allegedly “from R.Kelly To Tyrese,” to Instagram on Saturday (Mar. 12). 

“Hey Lil bro,” the message began. “My Condolences To You About Mom…She Is In A Better Place With My Mom & They Both Smiling Down On Us.. I Pray For You & Keep It Going One Love.”  

The message concluded, “I know it a lot having to deal with this in the limelight but keep ya head up.” The text message was signed, “Rob.”  

Tyrese took to the caption of the post to share his reaction to the note with his followers. 

Tyrese Reveals He “Just Broke Down” At Kelly’s Note 

“Yup….. just broke down in my trailer took me 45 mins to recover love you Kellz,” he began. “Damn he is on the inside and still took time to get Condolences out to me and my family…Love you Kellz……. No comments needed…..” 

Child sex trafficking conviction notwithstanding, Tyrese would like to assist R. Kelly to create new music from behind bars. 

“Selfishly I wish they could sneak a protools rig and a mic in your jail cell so that you can unload all of those ideas,” he penned. “Cause I know you don’t write all of your hits have been freestyled off the top…… But that’s just me…. R&B King!” 

While he disabled the comments section, his next post was a mixture of replies thanking Tyrese for his empathy towards Kelly and condemning him for his support.  

He shared a clip of Maverick City Music’s Naomi Raine singing “Promises (I’ll Still Bless You” later on Saturday.  

“Someone needed to hear this right now….,” Tyrese wrote in the caption.  

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“Love how you still stand by Kellz!!” went one reply. “A true friend you are❤️!! I wish we could hear a song from him. But into then I’ll listen to all his classics.”  

“Last post should have stayed private,” wrote another.