Tyrese’s Girlfriend Says ‘Fast & Furious’ Star Paul Walker Was More Her Type

Tyrese Gibson

The actor/musician admits the IG Live went “really bad, really fast.”

Tyrese Gibson and Zelie Timothy took to social media to explain how the couple initially met. A clip from the Instagram Live session went viral after Timothy mentioned her boyfriend’s deceased Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker.

“[Tyrese] wasn’t my type at all. My type was actually Paul Walker. Rest in peace,” said Zelie Timothy while laughing. “He wasn’t my type at all. And my type is not ‘white.’ I’m just saying I was more interested in Paul in every Fast & Furious [movie].”

“Don’t touch me,” responded Tyrese. Timothy then continued, “Even when I met [Tyrese], I was like, ‘He’s kind of old.’ I just like his smile. It’s pretty cool. His personality was okay, but he didn’t understand the Instagram model thing, so he would always talk down on Instagram models.”

At one point, Tyrese seemingly expressed frustration over the Instagram Live conversation with Zelie Timothy. The 44-year-old entertainer added, “This went really bad. This just went really bad, really fast. I’m getting off Live… So you wanted the homie. You didn’t want me.”

Paul Walker and Tyrese starred in several Fast & Furious films together. Both actors appeared in 2 Fast 2 Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, and Furious 7. Walker passed away in 2013 before Furious 7 hit theaters two years later.

Tyrese Gibson married Norma Mitchell in 2007 before separating in 2009. They had one child together. Tyrese also married Samantha Lee on Valentine’s Day in 2017. He had one child with Lee before they announced their divorce in 2020.