U.K Artist Not3s Drops “3 Roses” EP, Treats 10 Ladies To Valentine’s Dinner

Not3s dropped his new “3 Roses” EP this week following on from the release of his first studio album, “3 Th3 Album,” in August last year.

Not3s had an extra special treat for his fans on Valentine’s Day! Not only did the “Addison Lee” hitmaker release an EP, but he whisked ten ladies away for a Valentine’s dinner date. 

Earlier this week, Not3s asked for single ladies over the age of 21 to DM him if they were interested in a date. He then upped the number and selected ten lucky fans for the occasion. 


It looks like the North London artist followed through with his promise! Not3s shared a clip from a dinner surrounded by a table full of women on Wednesday (Feb. 15). 

“My Favourite Valentine’s Day To Date 🤎🌹Glad I Got to do this with amazing beautiful people 👸🏽 Next year we go again? 😏 #3Roses🥀” 

Not3s also released the 3-track EP “3 Roses,” as promised, on Feb. 14. Listen to it below. 


Not3s Says “I’m Independent Now” 

Meanwhile, during a recent interview, Not3s revealed why he waited so long to drop his most recent release, “Who Changed.” He held on to the song for a year and didn’t release it on his debut alum “3 Th3 Album.”

“I was waiting for independence. I’m independent now,” Not3s revealed. “I was with Columbia before. Now it feels like I have the freedom to release the stuff that I care about and I really wanna drop.”  

He went to explain, though he didn’t want to “get on to the label, creative differences existed. He recalled situations where he had to pay for his video shoots and other expenses out of his own pocket, despite being signed, after disagreeing with the label. “It didn’t make any sense,” Not3s admitted.  

Elsewhere during the interview, he told DJ Firestarr about his plans for 2022.  

I’m dropping three tapes this year,” Not3s confirmed. I’ve got them prepared already. You can expect me on some features this year.” He also revealed he plans to make moves in Africa, and over on this side of the pond by the end of 2022. “I’m tryna do up world domination man,” he added. 

Watch the interview below.