U.K. Rapper Dave Demands Action After Black Girl, 15 Beaten In “Serious Racially Aggravated Assault” 


Dave joined calls for staff at a school to be fired after a Black girl was attacked in a violent brawl outside a school in Surrey, England.

Dave is calling for a school principal to be fired after a schoolgirl was viciously attacked in what police have described as a “serious racially aggravated assault” outside Thomas Knyvett College in Surrey, England, earlier this week. 

Police arrested four people in relation to the brutal incident, including two 11-year-old girls, after distressing footage of the violent attack surfaced online.  

The video shows the 15-year-old Black female victim being repeatedly punched and kicked by multiple people who also pulled her braids from her head. Onlookers can be heard shouting, “kick her in the face.”  

South London rapper Dave joined those critical of the staff seen in the video, calling for the principal and teacher to be fired for not doing enough to break up the incident.  

“So this principal RICHARD BEESON in Ashford’s Thomas Knyvett College is gonna stroll in and watch as that black child is ATTACKED by a mob and they think that can run? WE NEED HIM OUT OF THAT JOB ASAP,” Dave tweeted on Wednesday.  

“Don’t make this weird,” he added, tagging the school’s official Twitter account. “’Cause we will wait outside of your college grounds till every member of staff in this video is sacked. DO THE RIGHT THING BEFORE WE FORCE YOU TO.” 

Family Member Calls For Staff in Video To Be Fired

According to a report from U.K. outlet The Mirror, a relative of one of the victims said she told principal Richard Beeson “what hurt me the most” watching footage of the attack was “’when you walked into the shot. You strolled in and you even allowed one more punch.” 

The relative joined the demands for action during a demonstration outside the school Wednesday. “I want them to get rid of those teachers (in the video.” 

She told the outlet, “No one from the school brought her back to us,” following the incident. “We had to go to her and get her home. They let her go to a friend’s house and then from her friend’s house she used her friend’s phone to call us.” 

The female family member said the victim recalled a staff member laughing at her following the incident. “She said ‘nobody helped me, they were laughing at me. One of the teachers laughed at me with my braids on the floor’.” She stated the victim “had nine braids pulled from her head from the roots,” and is left with visible marks on her scalp.  

In a statement, Surrey Police revealed another 15-year-old was also a victim of the assault. One victim was treated in hospital, and both received specialist support from officers.  

Cops arrested four people on suspicion of attempted racially aggravated grievous bodily harm, including a 39-year-old woman, a 16-year-old girl, and two 11-year-old girls. 

The 39-year-old woman and a 43-year-old man were also arrested on suspicion of child neglect and encouraging an offense to be committed. An additional sixth suspect, a 15-year-old girl, is wanted in connection with the incident. 

Principal Richard Beeson said in a statement: “We can assure you that we are taking all necessary steps to ensure this isolated incident is dealt with and that student safety is our paramount concern.”