U.K. Rapper EO Crossover Claims He Was Forced Into Rehab

EO Crossover, who disappeared soon after his song “German,” blew up, has emerged, revealing he “had no say” in the decision to enter rehab.

EO Crossover has caused concern after returning from a long absence in the public eye to announce his admittance to rehab against his will.  

The rapper, who achieved instant fame in the U.K. when his widely popular “German” – which has amassed nearly 60 million views on YouTube – became the song of summer 2018. EO capitalized off the success of the track with several songs and freestyles, racking up millions of YouTube views in the process. 

Following an appearance at the U.K.’s Wireless Festival, he disappeared off the grid, and little was known about his whereabouts. 

However, he made a dramatic return to social media on Wednesday (Mar. 16), revealing that he was forced into rehab. 

The caption of one Snapchat video reads: “They try to make me go to rehab & I said no,” referencing “Rehab,” by Amy Winehouse. “I said no but they force me inside so, Yh Yh Yh,” he added. 

In other clips, EO Crossover is seen walking around an apparent facility or staring into the camera blankly. His disheveled appearance has caused concern amongst fans.  

EO did not say why he had to undergo rehab nor did he mention any treatment he may be receiving. A post on his Instagram story this morning (Mar. 17) revealed he has a video premiering on YouTube later today. “They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab & Had No Say :), ” he claimed in the video’s title.  

Did EO Crossover Snake His Former Collaborator?

Meanwhile, a former EO Crossover collaborator recently implied the rapper is a snake. Last month, fellow U.K. artist AJ, who featured EO on his song, “London,” took to Instagram to celebrate the track achieving Platinum certification. However, he covered EO’s name with a snake emoji, suggesting he feels some type of way about him.  

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