U.K. Rapper Potter Payper Announces His Debut Album Is On The Way 

Potter Payper is releasing his debut album following a series of critically acclaimed mixtapes and singles ahead of the full-length project.

Potter Payper announced his highly-anticipated debut album will be released this year. 

After teasing the upcoming project in a series of Instagram posts, the East London rapper revealed he’s completed more than a dozen songs. The long-awaited project will finally be ready this year. 

“I’m making my first album and I would say I’m well on the way,” Potter Payper told Rolling Stone. “I’ve finished about 30 per cent of it — I’ve got, like, 15 to 16 songs completed.” 

Last week, the “PMW” hitmaker shared his new song with Ed Sheeran. “Oh yeah Ed Sheeran shouted me to do a 2step remix…….. go run it up.” 


Potter Payper Reflects On His Changing Path

He also revealed that his music career has allowed him to achieve a level of harmony he’s never experienced before. 

“When I was growing up, I couldn’t look my nan in her eyes and see how she knew I was lying or doing the wrong thing. But just before she died, I could look her in her eyes and that’s how I knew I was on the correct path,” he said. “I have three sisters that were being looked after by my nan — but now I can look after them. As long as I continue doing this, that lets me be at peace.” 

Potter Payper made his long-awaited return to the U.K. rap scene in 2020 after serving time behind bars for dealing drugs. He dropped the final entry in his Training Day mixtape series, which earned him a No.3 spot in the U.K. charts.  

Potter Payper prides himself on his storytelling abilities and his evocative songwriting. “A lot of people that rap in general terms don’t know how to make you feel it,” he explained. “I found a way to be able to make you see it with my words because I see it myself.”  

This gift, he says, stems from his upbringing in a tough estate in Dagenham, East London. “Coming from where I’m from, I was a small little fat white boy and didn’t have a voice in the hood,” Potter Payper explains.  

Check out his recent single “Gangsteritus,” which recently featured in the hit Netflix series Top Boy.