U.K. Rapper Trillary Banks Announces New “90’s Baby” Mixtape

Trillary Banks is dropping her new “90’s Baby” tape on Wednesday after a series of setbacks, explaining to fans “greatness can’t be rushed.”

Trillary Banks continues to make waves in the male-dominated U.K. rap scene, releasing a steady stream of music throughout her career.

Now, the Leicester, U.K. rapper who amalgamated the slang term “trill” and the name of Fresh prince character “Hilary Banks” to create her rap name, is set to drop her 90’s Baby mixtape. 

Announcing the release of the tape, Trillary Banks thanked her fans for their patience in waiting for the project to drop. “I had to get this right!,” she explained, revealing the mixtape will land on March 16. “We had a few setbacks but greatness can’t be rushed.” 

She added, ”To all those asking WHEN IS IT OUT.. WEDNESDAY!!! 💞🎉🎉 I aim to give you authenticity. Real rap and nothing less..Thank you to everyone who made this mixtape Great..Summer 2022 bout to be CRAZY!” 


The 16-track tape includes featured artists from the U.K, Canada, and the United States. Meanwhile, a few song snippets have emerged, and Trillary shared a visual teaser via Instagram on Tuesday.  

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Nottingham, U.K rapper, Pariz1 is featured on the project and shared a snippet of “Film” which also features fellow female spitter, DiboBrown. 

Trillary Banks Says U.K. Female Rappers Need More Investment To Break America  

During a recent interview, Trillary Banks spoke on the lack of opportunity for female rappers in the U.K. and why they struggle to break the U.S. market compared to their male counterparts. “I don’t think there is enough representation but whether there will ever be, probably not. It’s not that there’s never going to be equal female rappers and males in the scene,” she explained. “I just don’t think that’s ever going to happen.” 

She continued, “One of the hardest things about blowing up in America is if you’re not from America and you don’t have any strong links there it doesn’t happen overnight unless you do an American song or sound. We just need more investment,” said Trillary. “We need more labels who are willing to really get behind this and start pushing us into that market and networking. A lot of majors look after people over there as well, we’ve seen it slightly with the UK guys that have tried that. With the women it’s kind of yet to happen unless it’s like Jorja Smith or Ella Mai or someone who’s really already big.”