Jailed U.K. Drill Rapper Dsavv Livestreams Standoff With Prison Guards 

Dsavv OFB

Despite being surrounded by guards in riot gear, Dsavv taunted the officers during an Instagram Live from behind bars.

North London drill rapper Dsavv hopped on Instagram to livestream a standoff with prison guards. 

On Thursday (August 23), a video surfaced of Dsavv taunting guards on his prison wing as he live streamed the standoff to his Instagram followers.  

In the clip, Dsavv baited a rival drill crew and rapped lyrics from one of his songs. He also insulted the guards despite them surrounding him. Prison officers equipped with riot shields can be seen on all sides of the rapper as even more stream into the wing.  

The video doesn’t show how the altercation gets resolved. However, it’s unlikely to have ended well for Dsavv. 

Dsavv Sentenced To Over Six Years For Armed Robberies

A member of North-London-based drill collective OFB, Dsavv whose real name is Daniel Boakye, was jailed earlier this year for his role in a spate of armed robberies.  In just over six months, he and three other teenagers stole £115,000 worth of cryptocurrency from victims at knifepoint. 

They forced victims to hand over the passwords to their devices in order to access their cryptocurrency. Dsavv and the others would then siphon off the virtual currency into “hot wallets.” 

They were arrested after detectives discovered the group used stolen bank information to order takeout to their home addresses. 

In July, Dsavv was sentenced to six years and five months’ imprisonment.   

Detective Constable James Green, of the Specialist Crime Command said in a statement: “In total, there were 19 robberies within the conspiracy in which 26 people were robbed. During my career as a police officer I have not come across criminals of such a cowardly nature. The group singled out innocent members of the public whilst armed with weapons in order to rob them of their mobile phones and digital currencies. They would insinuate that the victims were members of an opposing gang, whilst all knew that these were innocent members of the public.”