King Of The Dot & Ultimate Rap League Come Together For Slain Rapper Pat Stay

In a time of great division in battle rap culture, two leagues come together to show unity for fallen hero.

Amid all kinds of battle rap league wars, two of the top leagues in the world came together to celebrate the life of Pat Stay with an epic fundraiser for the slain MC’s family.

The Ultimate Rap League has lent talent to King of the Dot’s effort to honor the life and times of the Sucker Free Boss, who died in 2022 after being fatally stabbed in Canada.

KOTD & The Battle Rap Community presents “Stay Forever: A Pat Stay Memorial Fundraiser Event” in Toronto on February 25 and 26.

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The caption states, “Some of the most high profile battle rap artists in the world will compete to raise money for the Stay family and honour the life of Pat, former KOTD champion and battle rap legend,” coupled with the hashtags #LLPS (Long Live Pat Stay).

Stay was a Canadian native and got was a staple at KOTD, the main league where he cut his teeth and achieved his international success garnering praise from the likes of Drake, Eminem and millions of fans all over.

The card is stacked with battles like Dumbfounded vs. Rone, Hollow da Done vs. Charron, Real Sikh and Lu Castro vs. DNA and Charlie Clips (noticeably artists traditionally working with URL), The Saurus vs. Kid Twist and Madflex vs. Mike P.

In a rare but powerful move of solidarity, URL posted the event on its social media. No branding. No signage. No clout.

@kotdtv announces @therealcharlieclips + @therealdnagtfoh vs @whynotcastro + @realsikh99 for the February 25th @patstay_902 Forever card,” the post read. “EVERYONE DONATE & SUPPORT THIS IN THE MEMORY OF PAT, HIS FAMILY & LOVED ONES!”

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Fans noticed, writing on the URL post, “Can’t copy respect. Posted kotd,” “Shoutout URL & KOTD for promoting each other for this card. Pat would be proud” and “That’s love all around!”

On the KOTD post, they wrote, “I’m trying not to get emotional but I can’t control it!! It’s for Pat!!! Let’s GOOOO,” and “I respek y’all so much for this. Blessings to all y’all.”

The plan is to raise millions for his partner and their two children.

Friends, supporters and the leagues have already raised more than a quarter million for the family through a GoFundMe campaign. The plan with these two cards is to quadruple this goal.

Head here for tickets or pay-per-view to the event.