Uncle Drew Returns With Baron Davis and J.B. Smoove For All-Star 2017 and Gets His Own Full Length Movie


(AllHipHop News) Kyrie Irving will resurrect his “Uncle Drew” alter ego during the All-Star weekend in New Orleans this weekend.

A new clip called “Uncle Drew” will debut during the All-Star Game.

The new commercial features NBA All-Star Baron Davis as “Louis,” and actor J.B. Smoove as “Angelo.”

The trio hangout in a neighborhood pizza parlor, and talk about basketball during the first spot.

In addition to the “Uncle Drew” commercial, a full-length feature around Kyrie Irving’s character is being developed.

“Every day, we continue to extend the equity of our iconic Pepsi brand beyond the bottle,” says Lou Arbetter, General Manager, Creators League Studio. “Today’s consumers want to live the brand as much as consume it, and the tremendous success we’ve had with the Uncle Drew franchise is a perfect example of how we’re building ecosystems around our flagship brands. Pepsi and Kyrie Irving are looking forward to expanding the Uncle Drew universe. We are excited for the recent launches of both UncleDrew.com and a corresponding merchandise line, and can confirm there are plans to feature Uncle Drew in a feature length film.”

PepsiCo’s in-house content creation arm Creators League studio, is developing the plan to roll out the film.

During All-Star Weekend, Baron Davis, Uncle Drew, Dr. J and J.B. Smoove will join popular Hip-Hop personality DJ Envy at a pop-up shop.

The space will be modeled after a pizza parlor with never before seen Uncle Drew merchandise available for purchase.

Check out the commercial below: