E-40 Releases Joint Statement With NBA Team Regarding “Unfortunate Misunderstanding”


An investigation determined, the Bay area giant was not “standing excessively from his ticketed courtside seat.”

After an investigation into why E-40 was ejected from one of the Warriors vs. Kings playoff games, the Bay Area rap staple has released a joint statement with the Sacramento Kings about his removal.

The statement, obtained by Mercury News, read: “After a series of thoughtful and transparent conversations, both parties agree that there was a miscommunication regarding the circumstances that occurred during the Kings vs. Warriors game on Saturday night.

“Contrary to speculation, Mr. Earl ‘E-40’ Stevens did not stand excessively from his ticketed courtside seat; the outcome resulted from an unfortunate misunderstanding between both parties.”

An avid supporter of the team, the Mount Westmore co-founder originally said he believed the incident was racially motivated. A bevy of support came the “Sprinkle Me” rapper’s way, with most people touting how he’s one of the most congenial and drama-less personalities in Hip-Hop culture.

As Willie D from the Geto Boys wrote on Instagram, “When I Heard E-40 Got Ejected From A Kings-Warriors Game I knew Immediately He Was The Victim because E-40 don’t mess with nobody. Turns out I was right.”

According to E-40, the Kings fans heckled him the entire game, but he held off responding until the fourth quarter. When security came, they saw him arguing with a white woman, assumed he was the aggressor, then proceeded to escort him out the arena.

“I didn’t have a dog in the fight, but now I hope GS beat the breaks off the Kings,” he wrote. “And I will be addressing this tomorrow.”

Now, that the “misunderstanding” has been rectified, E-40 is expected to return courtside on Thursday’s game at Chase Center in San Francisco.