URL’s Kings vs. Queens Epic Event Ends In Controversial Win For The Kings 

Ten of the top battle rappers went head-to-head in Ultimate Rap League’s Kings vs. Queens 4, going down to the wire until the final clash.

The fourth installment of URL’s marquee franchise Kings vs. Queens once again proved that battle rap is a sport where men and women can clash on a level playing field.  

Two of the Ultimate Rap league’s biggest and most consistent rappers provided the climax to the event, while the rest of the card was also stacked with top-tier talent. Five battles would determine the overall winners on the night, the Kings or the Queens.  

Ultimately, the guys edged the win in the five-battle card. However both teams tied right up until the night’s final match-up. Following an epic clash, Tay Roc edged Ms. Hustle in a controversial fan vote, cementing a 3-2 win for the Kings. 

However, URL co-founder Smack White claimed the women took the win despite the fan vote. During an interview with hiphopisreal.com, the battle rap icon said Ms. Hustle “edged” a victory over Roc in a “classic,” alongside Jaz and Shooney, who both won their fan vote.  

Smack Gives His Kings vs. Queens 4 Verdict

One of the night’s highlights came as the event drew to a close. URL paid tribute to Smack’s first gunner, Tay Roc. The legendary Baltimore spitter’s Kings vs. Queens battle marked his 50th battle on the Ultimate Rap League.  

An emotional Tay Roc wiped away tears as he embraced his daughter after he was presented with a cake onstage. “I love y’all, for real,” he said, addressing the audience. “I been here a decade plus, and I still get the same love and same support. It’s URL forever. You aint ever got to question.” 

He also gave a shout-out to his friend, Guntitles partner and fellow battle rap legend, Tsu Surf, currently awaiting trial in a RICO case. “Free The Wave, free my brother,” he said during his speech. “I wish he was here, I miss that brother so much, a big part of my career.” Check out the moving tribute below.  

Shotgun Suge vs. Shooney Da Rapper 

Veteran battle rapper Shooney Da Rapper kicked off the night and set the bar for the ladies with a victory against Shotgun Suge, who claimed to be on a nine-battle unbeaten run before Kings vs. Queens. The New Jersey rapper playfully told his opponent, “I taught you everything you know,” after Shooney shook the building with a haymaker.  

Suge had the bars, but his delivery let him down, rushing through his material at times with a few stumbles throughout. He still managed to spit fire and even potentially lined up his next clash after new era star and Ultimate Madness 1 champion Fonz approached him onstage following the battle. 

DNA vs. Casey Jay 

Next up was Casey Jay, recently crowned “The Face” by Smack for her unrivaled run in the Ultimate Madness tournament. The Texan lyricst faced one of the hardest-to-beat battle rappers in the sport, DNA. They both had explosive starts, with Casey Jay flipping one of DNA’s most memorable moments, roasting him with his own “get it the f### outta here” catchphrase. 

However, DNA showed off one of his strongest abilities with a freestyle early in the clash. While lesser emcees might have become flustered after slipping and falling on stage, DNA was not. He turned the moment into a room-shaking rebuttal. While Casey fought hard, DNA scored the victory for the Kings to tie the score at 1-1. 

Nu Jerzey Twork vs. Coffee Brown

The third battle saw the reigning Women’s Champion of the Year, Coffee Brown, take on the heavyweight Nu Jerzey Twork. The match-up was the first on her comeback after having a child. The New Jersey star is currently in formidable form, and Coffee failed to stop his streak. She showed she’s a warrior by fighting past a lackluster crowd to deliver her bars with characteristic aggression. The pair got spicy as their previous romantic encounters came into play during the battle, Coffee’s first-ever big-stage outing.  

However, a triumphant Twork came out on top, scoring the victory with an exciting performance that suggests his current form is here to stay.  

Charlie Clips vs. Jaz the Rapper 

Jaz The Rapper confirmed the clash against legendary battle rapper and Wild ‘n Out star Charlie Clips was her biggest yet. She expertly structured her material, displaying her strong battle rap IQ to score the win over Clips.  

The Brooklyn emcee flipped some of her opp’s classic material, doing “a whole other scheme with it.” She also used a call-back to his “guess which room I’m in,” scheme to belittle his career trajectory.  

Jaz also tagged in Benjo Lolo, known for his theatrical performances, to play “Black Jesus.” The move was a rebuttal to Clips bringing out a white man dressed as Jesus in his battle against Yoshi G in the last Kings vs. Queens event.  

However, the move backfired somewhat as a freestyle-heavy Clips rebuttaled the move himself in the opener to his second round. Nonetheless, it wasn’t enough to beat Jaz, who took the win with a narrower margin than her performance deserved.  

Tay Roc vs. Ms. Hustle 

It was fitting that the most anticipated battle on the card, the grudge match between Tay Roc and Ms. Hustle was also the most debatable. The clash was years in the making and lived up to the expectations, even with the significance of Roc’s 50th battle. 

Ms. Hustle was electrifying and had the crowd lapping up her bars in the finale of Kings vs. Queens 4. She even took one of her rival’s most popular adlibs, screaming, “IT’S MEEEE,” during her rounds.  

Although Ms. Hustle put forth a strong attack, it wasn’t enough to match Tay Roc in the fan’s eyes. He showed his exceptional talent, demonstrating why he’s simply one of the greatest to ever do it. He brought his viral “body b####” scheme from his Kings vs. Queens 2 battle against O’fficial, tearing into the glamazon’s appearance.  

How To Watch Kings vs. Queens

Kings vs. Queens 4 was live streamed on Caffeine.tv and is available on demand until Mar. 26. Battles from KVQ4 will later stream exclusively on The Ultimate Rap League’s App, within weeks of their debut. The URL App is available across multiple servers: Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, and XBOX on Androids, Apple Tablets, phones, and televisions. Click here to watch Caffeine’s Top 5 bars of the event.