Usher Gives Back To Scholars Through A Virtual Summer Program

As one of the first young men to merge R&B vocals with Hip-Hop swag, Usher understands more than many how the investment into a young person can change his or her life.

(AllHipHop News) If you go by the books, Usher Raymond IV has two children: Naviyd Ely Raymond & Usher Raymond V.

He also has one little brother named J. Lack.

According to basic googleable stats, and a creepy background check done for $9.69 off the internet, you would be tricked into believing those are the only young people in his family.

That would not be true.

The Confessions artist brings into his circle of influence hundreds of young people who at any time might consider him their big brother, uncle, and to some even their father-figure. Under his non-profit, Usher’s New Look, these young people gain access to incredible opportunities.

From shadowing label executives, learning business affairs from the top lawyers in the biz, fashion, sports management, copping coveted internships at the best entertainment enterprises or getting to go to the studio with chart-topping artists on charts, the young people that have come through this organization have made their mark — and then upon graduating giving back to those coming up behind them.

But with 2020 coronavirus pandemic ravishing the nation, young people are sheltering in and the extraordinary opportunities that they were looking forward to enjoying have come to an unfortunate yield.

The hearts of so many students were broken.

Sensitive to his extended family, those whose dreams he has poured his heart into and nurtured for over 20 years, Usher took to social media to send a special note of encouragement.

He opens with a funny greeting referencing the legendary Spike Lee film, “School Daze” – “Yo, what up! It’s your boy, Usher, big brother all mighty and I am checking in on my young scholars.”

“I am sending this as an encouraging message. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of our lives on hold, that does not mean that it is keeping your learning … your ambition on hold,” Usher said.

“I am asking that you keep this very simple routine: Wake up, get dressed, and log in to the virtual school and give it your all while your there. If you are having any technical issues please have your parents reach out to your schools to get you the tools you need. Listen I’m rooting for you. I’m here for you. Keep going.”

In addition to the virtual shout out, UNL has created a virtual academy to meet the needs of the collective with the technology most available to the young people.

From May 11th to August 28th, the UNL Virtual Summer Academy will host sessions on talent exploration, career exploration, health and wellness, fun, prizes, music, and networking. There will also be a component to start the week called Motivational Mondays.

Tapping high schoolers ranging from the age of 14 – 18, they will explore four pillars: Talent, Education, Career, and Service.

The mission is to help these ambitious young people find their “spark.”

Their spark is that divine notion in each scholar that connects them to their legacy. provide them a health community that promotes graduation and like-minded fellowship focused on global change and professionalism.

Usher’s New Look pops its collar as the organization can boast that 100% of its Leadership Academy graduate high school, 98% go on to college and 86% are first-generation college students.

While the eight-time GRAMMY-winning Usher works tirelessly to groom leaders, he does not do it alone.

His UNL team, small as it is, stands tall to execute his dreams. His C-Suite consists of Careshia Moore (President & CEO),Geoff Street (COO) and Amy Frizzell (Development Officer)

Their national leadership team Kamera Cobb (National Program Coordinator), Michael Broughton (Controller), Avery Floyd (Atlanta Program Coordinator), Latoya Henry (New York Program Manager), Tommy Springer (Media Production), Jessica Washington (Financial Literacy Director), Kim Williams (Marketing Director), Yurby Aquino (New York Assistant Program Coordinator) and Nicole White (Moguls in Training [MIT] Program Coordinator).

Hats off for making it happen for these young people, even as plans have shifted due to the international crisis.

The public can support this great work done consistently by one of their favorite artists by clicking here to donate.