Vigil Held For Victims In Cincinnati Mass Shooting: Hip-Hop Club Closed Down


(AllHipHop News) A vigil was held tonight (March 28) outside of a Cincinnati nightclub, in honor of the victims of a mass shooting.

One man was struck in the chest and sixteen others were wounded inside of nightclub, Cameo, in Cincinnati, Ohio last weekend.

Shooting at Cincinnati Nightclub Kills 1, Injures 15 People

There were several gunmen who were shooting over what is believed to be some type of dispute.

No arrests have been made.

The news upset those involved in the
local hip-hop scene.

Cameo was one of the few hip-hop night clubs in the city and locals have worried that this will prohibit other hip hop clubs from opening because people are afraid that things like this will happen.

Cameo was opened in 2013 and attracted huge rappers such as Drake and Lil Wayne who appeared there in 2014.

The owner of Cameo, Julian Rodgers, also owns several nightclubs such as OTR Live In Over-the-Rhine which regularly attracts big list rappers.

Rodgers also organized the Cincinnati Summer Jam last year which featured huge rappers such as T.I., Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz at Northern Kentucky University.

“We need more venues for hip hop because there’s that fear about what the hip hop realm attracts,” Kick Lee, a local music producer said. “This is not the end.”

Unfortunately, it is the end for cameo, as the owners have stated they will close the nightclub permanently after the shooting.

In related news, Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby has offered up a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.