Vivica A. Fox Agrees With Kanye Cancelation But Pleads For Rapper To Get Help

Kanye West

Vivica A. Fox had some words for rap star Ye, who has had most of his businesses canceled over the past week due to controversial comments he made. Read more.

Actress Vivica A. Fox is one of the latest voices to speak out about Ye and his most recent troubles. 

While the thespian-turned-talk show host advocates canceling Ye for a season, she also believes he should seek mental health support for any trauma causing him to act out.

On her Fox Soul “Cocktails with Queens” show, she said, “We have got to cancel him, and I know we do not try to be in a cancel culture, but we got to hit him in his pockets because he obviously does not care about the African-American culture.”

“We have been trying to move forward with love and with prayer, but we’ve literally been finding out that that isn’t working,” she said in a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight. “So, I thought maybe a little something extra … tough love.”

Fox, the star of “Kill Bill,” said she believes that on top of his mental illness, he is missing his mother, Donda West, who died 15 years ago.

“I believe more [than] anything else he’s missing his mother. Somebody that would say, ‘Now boy, you done went too far! Kanye is a wonderful artist and I just hate to see his legacy tarnished with this the outburst.”

Then, speaking directly to the artist, Fox said, “Kanye … my brother … if you need help, don’t be afraid to go get it.”

Fox said Yeezy has an opportunity to not further tarnish his legacy or allow his “four beautiful children” see their “daddy’s legacy absolutely destroyed.”