Vivica A.Fox Criticizes Donald Trump, Says She’s Over 50 Cent


(AllHipHopNews) Actress Vivica A. Fox discussed everything from her stance on Donald Trump to her past relationship with 50 Cent, during an interview with The Wendy Williams Show.

In the interview, the longtime actress and former “Celebrity Apprentice” star, who was “fired” by Trump, had many things to say about her former “boss.”

Vivica called the Presidential hopeful misogynistic.

“Trump is Misogynistic and he insults people,” Vivica Fox told The Wendy Williams Show. “The thing that blows me away with Mr. Trump, and I will still give him respect to call him that because when I did Celebrity Apprentice he was a complete gentleman, I think he has a lovely family, he’s been excellent with business.  But the leader of the free world, our country, the United states of America, has to carry himself with more class like Barack Obama.”

During the interview, Vivica addressed her relationship, or lackthereof, with rapper Queens, New York rapper, 50 Cent. The two had a very well publicized, rocky relationship that did not end well.

“No! Hell to the no. No ma’am, pam. No. No. No. I don’t do him no more, that ship has sailed,” said Vivica, who starred in the video for 50 Cent’s track “Do You Think About Me” from his 2009 project Before I Self Destruct.

“No more memes for that one he gets no more memes, cuz after I talk about him, memes go a flooding,” Vivica Fox told Wendy Williams. “You know what I mean? For some odd reason he thinks I need him to be famous and I don’t.”

Ms. Fox currently stars as Cookie’s sister on the hit FOX show Empire, and also is executive producer of the new docuseries Vivica’s Black Magic.