Vlogger Tasha K Says Cardi B Wanted To Fight; Bloods Forced Her To Flee Atlanta Home Over Posts

Cardi B

Cardi B’s nasty legal battle with a YouTube Vlogger continues to rage in court. 

Vlogger Tasha K and Cardi B continue to spar back and forth in court over their war of words. 

Cardi B hauled Tasha into court, over nasty comments she has been making on Vlog, “unWinewithTashaK”

Cardi slapped Tasha K, born Latasha Transrina Kebe, with a $75,000 defamation of character lawsuit in March of 2019, because the YouTube personality has been relentlessly criticizing her past.

Cardi is rankled over Tasha’s consistent allegations that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has herpes, HPV, and formerly prostituted her body before she became a world-famous rapper. 

Tasha K filed her own $3 million countersuits, claiming Cardi traumatized her by siccing gang members on her, to silence her attacks on the internet. 

“[Cardi B.], who is a known member of the Blood gang, with tens of millions of fans, recorded and published numerous videos attacking Ms. Kebe’s credibility, calling her all sorts of names, threatening her livelihood and her personal safety…knowing how influential her opinions can be, [Cardi B.] decided to record and publish a number of videos attacking Ms. Kebe’s credibility, calling her all sorts of names, and threatening her livelihood,” according to Tasha K’s reply. 

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In the new court filings, Tasha claims Cardi devised a “revenge plan” to send Blood gang members to find her house in suburban Atlanta, forcing her to flee the city. 

Tasha K.’s evidence includes messages from one of Cardi’s associates named Skeemo Holmes, Rashad Haughton, and Remy Roja.

“[Skeemo] published a number of posts, which contained threatening and violent messages, on his Instagram account, that were clearly directed at Ms. Kebe. [Skeemo] has knowledge and information regarding [Cardi B.’s] requests that someone find Ms. Kebe and teach her a lesson,” according to a discovery filing Tasha K just filed. 

“Skeemo Holmes and [Cardi B] exchanged private text messages, discussing their plan to locate Ms. Kebe and cause her physical harm; and that Mr. Haughton alerted Ms. Kebe about [Cardi B.’s] plan to harm her,” according to the legal doc. 

Tasha claims Cardi also wanted to meet up with her face to face so they could fight over the claims. 

“Ms. Roja sent Ms. Kebe (via Instagram direct messages to @unwinewithtasha) private messages, stating that [Cardi B.] was requesting to know where Ms. Kebe lived in Atlanta, so that [Cardi B.] could locate and physically fight Ms. Kebe,” the filing says. 

Tasha claims the Bloods were acting on Cardi B’s orders to hunt her down and silence her. Things got so intense, she was forced to flee her home in Suburban Atlanta, after an industry cohort started “stalking” her and giving information on her whereabouts to Cardi’s associates. 

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As for her defense, Tasha claims she’s done nothing wrong. Tasha says any claims she’s made against a Cardi are protected by the First Amendment.

[Cardi B.’s] plot to retaliate against a reporter, with threats of violence, for publishing a truthful story goes beyond all bounds of decency,” Tasha K. said in her latest filing. “Our society does not allow its citizens to intentionally retaliate against one another for any type of conduct, especially not conduct that is protected by our Constitution. In short, [Cardi B ] (a public figure and known gang member) summoned her fellow gang members to intimidate, threaten, and commit violent acts upon a pregnant reporter, who is essentially a stranger… for simply doing her job and publishing a truthful story.”

Additionally, Tasha K. says Cardi has already admitted to all of her allegations on her own Twitter account. 

The lawsuit is ongoing.