Wack 100 Accuses Gunna Of Snitching On Young Thug & YSL Members: “He Told” 

Gunna Denied Bond

Despite Gunna’s insistence that he will not testify against Young Thug or the other YSL members on trial, Wack 100 says he already “told.”

Gunna is seemingly in good spirits following his release from Fulton County Jail on Wednesday (Dec. 14) after entering an Alford plea in the YSL RICO case. 

Footage of the “Pushin P” rapper leaving the prison shows him walking into the warm embrace of an unidentified woman. Other photographs show him smiling with friends and face timing celeb jeweler Eliott Eliantte. 

As part of his plea deal, Gunna admitted YSL is a gang and expressed “personal knowledge” of their criminal activity. During the hearing, he attested that: “YSL is a music label and a gang, and you have personal knowledge that members or associates have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang.” Check out the clip below

Wack 100 Accuses Gunna Of Snitching

Despite his insistence that he would not testify against fellow YSL members in their upcoming trial, accusations of snitching have surfaced.  

Among them is Wack 100, who claimed during a Clubhouse chat: “You’re not pleading guilty to a RICO, and they freeing you.” According to the music manager, Gunna taking a plea and admitting that YSL is a gang is snitching. “There go the telling right there,” Wack 100 added. “He told.” 

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He later elaborated during a conversation with DJ Akademiks, saying that Young Thug is “solid” but Gunna’s “not like that.” 

Wack also stated Gunna should have “shut the f### up” when asked about being pulled over with Young Thug.  

“You were present with [Young Thug] when hydrocodone, methamphetamines and a firearm were recovered. These items did not belong to you,” the judge explained to Gunna during the hearing, to which the rapper agreed.  

“Get pulled over and you know there’s some guns in the car, I say they aint mine and it’s me and you in the car they gone put them on you,” Wack 100 claimed. “You know the rule is you shut the f### up and we fighting. That’s just the rules of it.”  

He also stated despite Gunna vowing not to testify against fellow YSL members in their upcoming trial, he will not be able to plead the fifth.  

“If they ain’t give him no immunity he can’t claim the fifth,” he stated. “And if they call him to testify and he go against the grain, they gone re-file on him.” Listen to the conversation below.