Wack 100 & Tasha K At Each Others’ Throats In Odd Beef

Tasha K and Wack 100

Wack100 and Tasha K are currently embroiled in a contentious online dispute that originated from Wack100’s interview with R. Kelly and has since intensified with reciprocal allegations and insults.

Music industry figure Wack 100 and popular YouTuber Tasha K have been embroiled in an unusual – and heated – online feud.

Wack 100, known for managing artists like The Game, Ray J, and Blueface, recently interviewed disgraced singer R. Kelly.

During the conversation, the singer alleged that Tasha K had illegally obtained calls, emails, and prison logs of him that helped obtain a conviction on charges of producing child pornography and enticing a minor to engage in sexual activity.

Wack 100 accused Tasha K of being a police informant and claimed she works with law enforcement.

“Tasha, tell the truth where you really got those emails from. Do you have a badge? Or did they send em to you. Who was the sender? Are you for us or them! Can we trust you,” Wack 100 asked.

Tasha K is no stranger to controversy due to her high-profile beef with rapper Cardi B, which resulted in a $4 million defamation judgment against her.

She wasted no time in delivering her response to Wack 100’a repeatedly calling her out.

Tasha K referenced a leaked video of Wack 100 in a compromising situation and interviewed an alleged “side piece” of Wack 100 who made salacious claims that he took three fingers up his derriere during a sexual encounter – claims he vehemently denies.

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She then questioned why Wack 100 is so upset with her involvement in the R. Kelly case and pointed out that he should be more concerned about his wife’s profession as a probation officer.

“How did you go from marrying a b#### that ensured m############] turned in they p###, got in before curfew, met all the terms and conditions of they m############ probation. Married the b####. Then you’ll turn around, and now you mad at the very thing that I’m doing on behalf of black women, and you married a black woman in full support of what she’s doing to n##### out here,” Tasha K snapped.

Tasha K then revealed some tax returns that she claims belong to Wack 100 and his wife, Kimberly Jones. She said, “These are tax returns because he went from being a truck driver, then all of a sudden he’s managing The Game and managing Ray J and managing Blueface.”

Wack 100 accused Tasha K of spreading false information about him and his wife. Ultimately, Wack 100 warned Tasha K that he was not afraid of her or her accusations.

She then accused Wack 100 of online harassment and bullying and said he was leaving a digital footprint that could get him in trouble with law enforcement.

“You’re leaving a digital footprint like everything that you posting right now in your page. It’s a digital footprint that’s the stupidest s### that I’ve ever seen,” Tasha K said.

Tasha K warned Wack 100 that she would not be intimidated by him and offered to meet him at her house because she was willing to cooperate with law enforcement to see him in jail if necessary.

She says, “But what you’re not gonna do, you’re not gonna harass me, you’re not going to play with me… you’re not gonna do that.”

As the online war of words continues, how this unusual beef will play out remains to be seen. Both parties show no signs of backing down, promising more revelations and accusations in the future.

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