Warren G Gives Back To Students At St. Bernadino Valley College

Warren G did something very cool for the students at a California College

(AllHipHop News) If you know Snoop, you know he is about the kids. He has coached little league football, gave out valuable game and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity. But he is not the only one from his squad that is giving back.

Warren G didn’t let this sunny late Spring weekend go without a good deed. He linked up with the San Bernardino Valley College football players and treated them to a good ole barbeque.

Since the COVID-19 sheltering-in mandate, several of the students have been unable to go to their respective homes. The “Regulate (G-Funk Era)” rapper brought home to them.

The players have one of their coaches to thank for Warren’s involvement.

According to The Sun, Warren G and SBVC assistant coach Merle Cole Jr. knew each other from Long Beach. This 30-year friendship is cultivated by weekly calls.

During one call, the former Def Jam rapper was told that the coaches paid for groceries and that some of the guys have resorted to going to food lines, so Warren stepped into action.

“Hell, no. I’ve got to do something for these guys. Can you make it happen?”

The senior coach was very honored and pleased.

Warren G brought his portable BBQ trailer, 50 pounds of chicken, 40 pounds of beef flank and short ribs and mountains of beans and mac-and-cheese.

He said, “These kids are out here from out of state and they can’t get home because of the current situation with this pandemic. They can’t get to their families and eat good meals.”

The young men are sure to remember this gesture, and can now go rub in their parents that Warren G, one of the architects of West Coast Hip-Hop, fed them some good homemade BBQ.