Warren G Talks Getting Left Out Of Death Row Records, What Dr. Dre Said

Warren G

Warren G never joined Death Row Records even though he played a role in Dr. Dre’s classic album ‘The Chronic.’

Warren G reflected on his history with Death Row Records in an interview with Big Boy.

Big Boy wondered why Death Row never signed Warren G despite his family ties to Dr. Dre. Warren G admitted he didn’t know the exact reason but speculated it might’ve been because he “used to bump heads a little bit” with Suge Knight.

Warren G detailed a few of his past issues with Knight. The West Coast artist also recalled the moment he realized he wouldn’t be part of Death Row after working on Dr. Dre’s classic album The Chronic.

“When I knew I wasn’t a part of it is when we were supposed to go out for the first tour and everybody had everything in order and I didn’t have nothing,” he told Big Boy. “I didn’t have no ticket, no information, no nothing. So, I packed like I’m going. I’m like, ‘S### I guess they gonna get my s### when I get to the airport.’ Got to the airport, wasn’t nothing happening. They had went and did they thing and I was pretty butthurt.”

Warren G spoke with Dr. Dre when Dre returned from the tour. Their conversation left Warren G wondering about his future.

“When I had a chance, I asked Dre,” he said. “I was like, ‘Man, what’s up? What’s going on?’ And he just was like, ‘You gotta be your own man.’ Huh? I don’t know what to do.”

Warren G ended up at his sister’s house sleeping on the floor. But things worked out for him as he eventually scored placement on the Poetic Justice soundtrack and signed a deal with Def Jam Recordings.