Former NFL Star Warren Sapp Calls Out Rick Ross For Lying (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross’ authenticity and honesty has been questioned throughout his career, mostly because many people feel his musical persona does not reflect his real past. The latest person to call out the Bawse’s credibility is former University of Miami and Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player Warren Sapp.

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame member made an appearance on the Sway In The Morning show, and when Sapp was asked about a rumored $100,000 bet he made with Ross over the Super Bowl, the 7-time Pro Bowler did not mince his words about the MMG leader.

“How many times have you known Ross to lie?” asked Sapp. “Anytime since he been out, when have you known Ross to lie?… The correctional officer part. The whatever else and all the rest of it. Come on man.”

He added, “Ross is messing with how I feed my family. I can’t be associated with known gamblers. I’m sitting on the stage with him because I’m hosting a party he’s coming through. So he’s yelling at me, ‘Yo, Sapp I got some dudes over in Brooklyn. Ima hit them for $100,000.’ I’m like, “Don’t bet that Ross.’ He goes out. TMZ is following him with cameras, so he conjures up a lie.”

Sapp later explains he responded to a Ross twit pic about the situation without fully reading the message. He also made it clear he does not gamble and tells Sway that in this new “social media world” everything people see is not real.

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Watch Warren Sapp’s interview below.