Watch Lil Yachty Star As “Ron” On “A Different World” Remake

Lil Yachty

Rap star Lil Yachty had some fun starring in a remake of a classic TV show and he also delivered an important message.

“I know my parents love me. Stand behind me come what may.”

If you are from a certain generation, when you hear that theme song you know that “A Different World” is about to come on.

From the first couple of words, you may be transported to Hillman’s campus, the fictional HBCU based on Hampton and filmed on Spelman’s campus.

This Tuesday, October 27th a remix of the hit sitcom hit the net and featured some of your favorite talents.

On the finale episode of the hit Internet series called “Zoom Where It Happens,” Debbie Allen was brought in to direct the episode based on one of her first directing gigs.

The cast for the episode was the following: Kelly McCreary (Whitley Gilbert-Wayne), Storm Reid (Winifred “Freddie” Brooks), Dawnn Lewis (the original Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor), Xosha Roquemore ( Jalessa VT and Kinu), Vince Swan (Dwayne Cleofis Wayne), Thump Nixon (Matthew), Oswin Benjamin (Mr. Vernon Gaines) and Lil’ Yachty (Ronald Marlon Johnson) to bring to life those characters that made the show pop off. Yara Shahidi served as the show host.

Atlanta rapper Lil’ Yachty ended the series, with the rest of his castmates, talking about the election and his plans to get out to the polls to vote.

“Zoom Where It Happens’” first episode was produced on September 8th with a rendition of “Golden Girls.” Other shows that were remixed were “Friends,” “227,” and “Sanford and Son.” The production team of this series includes Tessa Thompson, Ryan Bathe, Aisha Hinds, Cynthia Erivo, Kerry

Washington, Rashida Jones, Stefanie and Quentin James, Latanya Richardson-Jackson, Channing Dungey, Karen Richardson, Issa Rae, and Ava DuVernay.

The series is financed by the non-profit, Duvernay’s ARRAY Alliance, with in-kind resources from Zoom.