Westside Gunn Drops Tracklisting For “Pray for Paris”

The tracks on Westside Gunn’s new album “Pray for Paris” look like a piece of Hip-Hop heaven is about to touch down on earth

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(AllHipHop News) Just say Griselda and people hungry for real Hip-Hop lose their minds. 

The group has created enough waves to establish themselves as bonafide heat makers.

Drake has even gone on record to say that they are probably the only crew of lyrical architects popping right now.

Drizzy went as far as to say: “I feel like just in the mainstream space the art of bars… rap… the long verses… is kinda going extinct. And then you got guys like Griselda making it wavy again. Just be on your gutter… straight rap s##t… no, but other than that….”

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It has been said before but it does this piece justice to repeat, as far movement-wise, there has not been a collective of emcees so righteously interwoven since 1993 when the Wu-Tang Clan exploded on the scene.

As a squad, they offer lyrics that will make this new generation of Hip-Hop enthusiasts, so drunk off the mumble and drug addict drenched kind of rap on the radio, care.

A couple of months back, Westside Gunn announced to the world that his new album Pray for Paris was cooking up.

Inspired by a trip to France, Westside promised to deliver to us something amazing. In a post that has now been taken down, he captioned:

“I’m INSPIRED!!!!! And with that being said I’m making my next project in the next 48hrs Hip Hop saves my life I owe so much to the CULTURE “Pray for Paris” coming Soon and this will be high level ART u have no idea wat your about to get #GXFR #FLYGOD #WSGPRAYFORPARIS #ParisFashionWeek #ICON #Rhude @ochinclovis #Culture”

While we love amazing and inspirational and moves made for “the culture,” boy, do we need something sacred in rap music.

And not sacred in an ecclesiological pretense, but in the sense that every bar… every beat… and all the energy involved in the making of the project is vertical and immanent, supernatural and classic-bound.

We need fire— inspired in Paris or nah…

Especially after the release of last October’s mixtape, Hitler Wears Hermes 7 and the November release of Griselda’s Shady Record debut of WWCD — no one is accepting anything that is not divinely produced and lyrically on some next to level s##t.

As fans… we are literally praying for Paris.

So when he dropped this sequence listing on his IG, we, the lovers of the mere promise of fire, lost our minds.


“PRAY FOR PARIS!!!!! This is the most incredible Tap Dancer in the world @cartierawilliams during Fashion Week in Paris this is who blew minds Tapping at the @off____white show, this is video of him tapping beautifully over my “LE DJoliba” record p### by @bohemia_lynch This is what CULTURE is all about trendsetting and raising the bar, Pray for Paris is so special for so many reasons since day 1 I’ve only been about the ART and leading by example I’m writing history #FLYGOD

We hear you… we still have our prayer: Please. Let. This. Be. Divine.

Check out the titles and see if you too aren’t intrigued.\

Pray For Paris:

1. 400 Million Plus Tax

2. No Vacancy (p###. DJ Muggs)

3. George Bendo (feat. Conway & Benny) [p###. Daringer]

4. 327 (feat. Joey Bada$$, Tyler the Creator, Billie Essco) [p###. Camo Monk]

5. French Toast (feat. Wale & Joyce Lunce) [p###. Camo Monk]

6. Euro Step (p###. Beat Conductor)

7. Allah Sent Me (feat. Benny & Conway) [p###. Daringer]

8. $500 Ounces (feat. Freddie Gibbs & Roc Marci) [p###. Alchemist]

9. Ver$ace (p###. Jay Versace)

10. Claymore Kick (feat. Boldy James) [p###. Alchemist]

11. Party wit Pop Smoke (feat. Keisha Plum) [p###. Tyler the Creator]

12. LE Djoliba (feat. Cartier Williams) [p###. Bohemia Lynch]