Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Nicki Minaj May Not Have Known About The History Of Nazism


(AllHipHop News) The controversy over Nicki Minaj’s lyric video for “Only” was a major topic on a lot of morning talk shows yesterday. The View was one of the programs that did a segment on the story, and the hosts’ discussion about the perceived Nazism in Nicki’s clip centered largely around whether the Young Money rapper was even aware of the history of the images used for the video.

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“We don’t teach a lot of history anymore,” said moderator Whoopi Goldberg. “We don’t teach the history of the world. We don’t teach the history of World War II. We don’t explain what went on.”

After fellow host Rosie Perez pointed out that Nicki attended the high-performing LaGuardia High School in New York City and guest host Naya Rivera added that everyone should know the Nazi regime is viewed negatively, Goldberg responded, “People don’t know. That’s the thing.”

Rivera then asked, “Nicki Minaj doesn’t know about the Holocaust?”

“I don’t think she did,” Goldberg said. The Oscar-winning actress also put part of the blame on the lack of understanding about issues like Nazism on the education system.

Whether Nicki was actually aware that her lyric video may be seen as offensive has not been settled, but Jeff Osborne, the director of the video, has stated publicly he used Nazism as part of his inspiration for the animated visuals in “Only.” He also refused to apologize for the content.

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Watch The View‘s segment on Nicki Minaj’s “Only” lyric video below.