Will Big Pun Finally Get His Own Street? Bronx Residents Say Yes


(AllHipHop News) A group of residents in the Bronx are launching an initiative to honor the late rapper Big Pun with his own street.

A new push to name East 163rd Street and Rogers Place after Big Pun could finally go before city council representatives.

City Councilman Rafael Salamanca told News 12 that he will bring the idea to a vote, if residents support the proposal.

Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers believes it would help the local community.

“I think for the people of the Bronx that that grew up listening to him, that was inspired by his words and the millions of people that heard his music!and it changed their lives, I think it would be amazing to see something more concrete,” Chris Rivers said.

It could be an uphill battle, since a previous attempt to rename the street was opposed by the locals.

But that did not stop Big Pun’s many fans from honoring the rapper anyway.

In addition to a massive mural of Big Pun, unofficial street sign was made and a fan strung up an unofficial street sign, renaming the intersection Big Pun Place.

However, city officials took the street sign down after only a week.

Big Pun died of a heart attack on Feburary 7, 2000.