Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Spoofed On “SNL” Because, Of Course

The zinger was that the key to their marriage is to never go to sleep happy.

Jada Pinkett Smith has been the butt of jokes over the last few years. The most major platform to weigh in on the actress and her newly released memoir, Worthy, is Saturday Night Live on their most recent episode.

During the “Weekend Update” segment from Saturday’s (October 21) episode, Michael Che interviewed Ego Nwodim, who was in character as the “Set it Off” star and probed about the book tour and the many revelations she’s shared with the world since the promotion started.

“The day we got married, I knew there was going to be trouble. At our wedding, someone stood up and objected,” the phony Pinkett Smith recalled.

Che asked her who was the person that “objected,” and she landed the joke saying, “It was me. Yeah, it was me. Twenty-three years later, Will and I are still a unit. And it’s because we have learned that the secret to a successful marriage is never go to bed happy.”

Smith and Pinkett Smith have both said divorce isn’t an option, but they choose to love each other through their circumstances. In the skit, Nwodim said, “If we got divorced, he could mess around and end up happy. And I can’t have that.”

Jokes aside, it seems the public backlash has taken a toll on the book sales. According to Showbiz411, the book initially ranked No. 4 on Amazon’s best-seller list on Tuesday (October 17). However, as Will Smith fans continued to see Pinkett Smith in a negative light, its ranking plummeted to No. 44, with the Kindle version now at around 2,700. Her Barnes and Noble sales also mirror slow burn in the marketplace, ranking the release nationally at No. 173.