Will Smith, Jay Z, Eminem and Diddy Pay Final Respects To Muhammad Ali


(AllHipHop News) Will Smith’s Muhammad Ali biopic is returning to U.S. cinemas as part of a nationwide tribute to the boxer, who died last week.

Smith landed his first Oscar nomination for playing the boxer in Michael Mann’s 2001 film, “Ali,” and as the sports legend’s fans, friends and family prepare for the late fighter’s funeral on Friday (June 10), Sony Pictures bosses have announced plans to put the movie back in cinemas over the weekend.

Over 100 cinemas will screen the film, while some theater owners have also scheduled screenings of “When We Were Kings,” the 2006 Oscar-nominated documentary, which chronicled the epic 1974 Rumble in the Jungle fight between Ali and George Foreman.

Will Smith will be among the pallbearers at his friend and mentor Ali’s funeral on Friday.

Meanwhile, a variety of rappers sat down with The Associated Press and discussed Ali’s legacy.

“His bravery and selflessness was inspirational,” Jay Z said. “The most impressive human I have ever come across. He is literally my hero.”

Detroit rapper Eminem said that the boxing legend has been a pivotal figure throughout his life and his rap career.

“Muhammad Ali has been a constant source of inspiration and a heroic figure throughout my life. He’s always been there, as a symbol for fighting against the odds, the system and the hatred. It’s hard to believe he’s actually not with us anymore, but he will never be gone.”

According to Sean “Diddy” Combs, Muhammad Ali was a tough fighter who showed his strength outside of the ring as well, as he fought Parkinson’s Disease.

“Muhammad Ali was never afraid to speak his mind,” said Combs.”He beat his opponents with his word before he ever stepped in to face them in the ring. He was a poet and a showman. And in a lot of ways, he was the first great MC.”