EXCLUSIVE: Willie D Blasts Gatekeepers Behind Hip-Hop 50, Says “It’s A Money Grab For Them”

Willie D

Geto Boys rapper Willie D explained why he disliked the celebrations of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary on the AllHipHop podcast.

Willie D denounced this year’s various Hip-Hop 50 events in an interview with AllHipHop. The Geto Boys member blamed gatekeepers for ruining the celebration of Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.

“S###’s wack,” Willie D told AllHipHop. “Because a lot of it is being put on and presented by gatekeepers who don’t have the best interest of the culture at heart. And it’s a money grab for them. They’re picking and choosing who they think should receive praise, who should receive accolades.”

He added, “One of the biggest problems is a lot of the people who make these decisions are from not just the East Coast but from New York. And that’s a problem. That is problematic because Hip-Hop may have started in New York, but it’s worldwide.”

Willie D thought it would’ve been better for every region to have its own festivities. He believed too many artists weren’t getting their just due for Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary.

“We all have made tremendous contributions to this art form,” the veteran rapper said. “In fact, I would argue that without the rest of us, Hip-Hop would not have survived. So, why are you trying to prevent others from getting their shine and recognition?”

Check out Willie D’s conversation with AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur and DJ Thoro below.