Willow Smith Believes She Could Fall In Love With A Woman

Willow Smith

Willow Smith thinks it is very possible that she will be with a woman in the near future.

Willow Smith could see herself falling in love with a woman.

The 20-year-old actress and singer came out as bisexual in 2019 and has now admitted that whilst she’s never “been in love with a woman” before, she “feels like it could happen” in her future.

Willow made her comments during an episode of Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk,” alongside her mother Jada Pinkett Smith and grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris, who both said they have tried to “connect romantically” to other women but were unable to.

“Of course you think about it, but I never had that attraction. I couldn’t get there, it just wasn’t for me,” Adrienne said, to which Jada replied: “It wasn’t for me either. I love being amongst women, but I never could connect to women romantically.

“It’s not to say that it couldn’t be, you just never know. I could see (Willow) falling in love with a woman one day.”

And Willow agreed, admitting she has had “very strong feelings for women” in the past.

“I don’t feel like I’ve been in love with a woman just yet, but I definitely feel like it could happen,” she mused. “Because I’ve had very strong feelings for women before.”

The trio then moved on to talk about “experimentation” in the bedroom, and Adrienne revealed she has always been interested in having a threesome, but was “raised with all that guilt and shame around sex” so has never dared to try it.

“I know I’ve thought about a threesome might be really enjoyable, but how I was raised with all that guilt and shame around sex…” she admitted.

“I definitely didn’t have that freedom to consider it as far as love is concerned. It just seems like, sexually, it would be extremely pleasurable.”

When asked by Willow if she would try it now she’s older, Adrienne, 67, added: “I’ve had conversations with my husband about it, but I think it’s too late in my life to be that experimental at this age.”