Winnie Harlow Swerves Usher Using “Cheat Code” Amid Keke Palmer Controversy 

Usher Keke Palmer Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow dodged Usher and any potential controversy while attending the R&B star’s Las Vegas residency at the weekend.

Winnie Harlow was determined not to cause controversy while attending Usher’s Las Vegas residency show with her NBA star boyfriend Kyle Kuzma over the weekend, following the viral mess Keke Palmer’s baby daddy found himself in recently. 

The model was sitting alongside her man when Usher began making the rounds through the crowd looking for a woman to serenade as part of his usual routine. However when he ventured toward Winnie Harlow, she immediately jumped into her boyfriend’s lap. 

Usher found the situation amusing, remarking, “Okay, you chose,” as the audience laughed. He continued singing “There Goes My Baby,” while Harlow danced on her man.  

Sharing a clip of the moment on her Instagram Stories, Winne Harlow claimed she had the “cheat code” to avoid any Usher-related drama.  

The Cay Skin founder also posted the footage on her page, sharing the “secret” with her followers.  

“Figured out the secret to the Usher concert.. sit in your mans lap Mamas,” Winnie Harlow penned in the caption. “He said ‘She Chose!!!’ Okayyyy.” 

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Keke Palmer was trending for days after her boyfriend shamed her for flashing her “booty cheeks” while dancing with Usher at his residency last weekend. “It’s the outfit tho,” he wrote on Twitter. “you a mom.” 

The moment went viral, with netizens blasting Darius Jackson for his comments. 

Within days, the “Nope” actress turned the tables on the scandal, flipping the controversy into cash. She launched a new merch range with the slogan “I’m a Motha,” referencing Jackson’s tweet.