Witness At Murder Scene Positively Identified One Of Jam Master Jay’s Killers

Jam Master Jay

One of the men accused of killing Jam Master Jay was positively identified by a witness – however this information could oddly work in his favor.

One of the witnesses present when rap legend Jam Master Jay was gunned down positively identified one of the alleged killers.

New court documents obtained by AllHipHop reveal Lydia High told a grand jury Ronald “Tinard” Washington was one of the gunmen who was buzzed into Jay’s Jamaica, Queens recording studio on October 30, 2002.

Washington allegedly ordered High to lay on the floor as another gunman, whom the Feds believe was Karl “Lil D” Jordan, fired multiple rounds.

One bullet struck Jam Master Jay in the head and killed him instantly, while another man, Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon, was struck in the leg.

In 2005 and 2006, Lydia High sat in front of a Grand Jury and confirmed Washington was one of the shooters that fateful evening.

Now, Washington’s lawyers are after the transcripts of High’s grand jury testimony, thinking it could help his client.

His lawyer Ezra Spilke wants to know why Washington was not arrested for the murder before August 2020 when murder charges were formally filed against him and Jordan.

“Law enforcement officers notified Mr. Washington – including during an interview on April 16, 2019 – that Lydia High had positively identified him as having held her down at gunpoint in the studio during the murder of Jason Mizell,” Ezra Spilke said. “Upon information and belief, Ms. High testified before a grand jury about that murder, including in late 2005/early 2006. As you are well aware, Mr. Washington was first charged with the murder by an indictment filed in August 2020, some fourteen to fifteen years after Ms. High testified before the grand jury.”

So, Spilke wants to know if: 

  • Ms. High attempted to implicate Mr. Washington, but the grand jury found Ms. High incredible and rejected her testimony
  • Ms. High did not implicate Mr. Washington; or 
  • Ms. High exculpated Mr. Washington.
Lydia High Identified Ronald "Tinard" Washington As Jam Master Jay Gunman
Lydia High Identified Ronald “Tinard” Washington As Jam Master Jay Gunman

Spilke is also after any and all of the notes of interviews Ms. High conducted with law enforcement, and any Grand Jury testimony she may have given that called her implication of Washington into question. 

The Feds claim Jam Master Jay was murdered over 10 kilos of cocaine after he supposedly cut both men out of a lucrative deal. 

“What we’ve alleged in that indictment, is that on October 30th, 2002 nearly 20 years ago, Mr. Jordan and Mr. Washington walked into a music studio in Queens, where Mr. Mizell and others were working, essentially hanging out, and they walked in and they murdered him in cold blood,” U.S. Attorney Seth DuCharme said.

A source told the New York Daily News that the charges were only filed against the pair in 2020 because an informant provided a new, key piece of evidence needed to bring charges against both men.

Both Washington and Jordan – who could face the death penalty – have pleaded innocent to charges which include drug-related homicide and use of a firearm in connection to that offense.’