Wiz Khalifa Has Words For Critics Of Him Working Out In His Underwear

The Taylor Gang leader appears to respond to Gillie da King.

A quick scroll down Wiz Khalifa’s Instagram page will reveal quite a few pictures and videos of the Pittsburgh-bred rapper in just his underwear. Apparently, Wiz enjoys working out while wearing the bare minimum.

Some Instagram users are not fans of constantly seeing Wiz Khalifa without pants on. For example, Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast host Gillie da King expressed his annoyance with the “See You Again” hitmaker.

“Today I had to unfollow one of my brothers, Wiz Khalifa. I love you brother,” said Gillie da King in an IG video. The Philadelphia native added, “Every time I come on my page, you’re in your drawers. You’re giving up strap-and-balls action.”

Gillie da King then told his followers to let him know when Wiz Khalifa was no longer going to the gym in his underwear so he can re-follow him. He captioned his video, “Love u Brotha @wizkhalifa but see ya 😂😂.”


Gillie Da King’s video about Wiz Khalifa got reposted on several blogs. Khalifa clearly got wind of the online conversations surrounding his workout attire, and he responded in his own Instagram video.

“The same n##### who be telling me to put clothes on in the gym, or unfollowing me because I make them uncomfortable, y’all the same n##### who laughed at people when they read in high school or said that you sound stupid because you sound smart,” said Khalifa.

The Stoner’s Night project co-creator with Juicy J continued, “Y’all are negative. And you know what I do with negativity? See ya!” By adding “see ya” at the end, Wiz Khalifa seemed to be subtlely acknowledging he was addressing Gillie da King.

While UnderwearGate plays out on social media, Khalifa is preparing to perform at the Summerfest music festival in June. He recently teamed up with Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk for the collaborative effort Full Court Press which dropped today (April 8).

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