Wiz Khalifa Says He Was High On Mushrooms Before Throwing Pirates’ First Pitch

Rapper hangs out Twitter to detail his plans to be high while at the game.

Wiz Khalifa told his Twitter followers he planned on being high when he tossed out the first pitch at Monday’s (July 17) Pittsburg Pirate game. Known for his appetite for cannabis, the “Black and Yellow” rapper didn’t care who knew he was going to be blitzed at the game.

“Finna get stoned af and throw this first pitch at the pirates game,” he tweeted before the game.

Khalifa followed up the tweet with another post, writing, “Shroomed out throwin a baseball is crazy.”

Wiz Khalifa’s hometown team was playing against the Cleveland Guardians at PNC Park. Throwing out the first pitch is a longstanding tradition in the Major Baseball League bestowed on someone worthy of tribute. But apparently, instead of being high off the honor, Khalifa wanted to zone out on psychedelics. And that he did.

Shortly after the pitch, he let his followers know he completed his “work for today.” He added a photo of some of the snacks he had to fulfill his munchies, including a box of Cracker Jacks.

As Khalifa threw out the first pitch, it seemed like he was spacing out and looking at everything all around him, seemingly keeping his Shroom High promise.