Wiz Khalifa Talks Police Brutality and The Black Lives Matter Movement


(AllHipHop News) Jesse Williams’ powerful speech at the BET Awards has once again ignited a conversation about police brutality and social injustice in the entertainment news arena.

Pittsburgh rhymer Wiz Khalifa discussed the topics during a “20 Questions” interview with Playboy. The creator of 2016’s Khalifa and the forthcoming Rolling Papers 2 was also asked specifically about the Black Lives Matter movement.

On police brutality:

Cops there are crazy. I’ve never been pulled over without them having a gun to my head. Even with traffic stops, they’ll put a gun to your head and say, “Get the f-ck out the car. What you got?” Searching you, breaking sh-t, twisting your arm. They’re cool about weed, though. I got jammed up a lot in Pittsburgh, but I never did real time.

On the Black Lives Matter movement:

It’s about knowledge. A lot of people are surprised that this still exists, and when the media puts it out there, people get upset. But it’s about education and figuring out how to defend yourself and how to fight back and not be a victim. They victimize us because we don’t know. Body cameras? That sh-t is just to make people think we’re safe. We ain’t safe. It’s not about fighting the cops physically. You have to know how to outsmart them, and what they can and can’t do to you. That won’t make things all good, but it will help level the playing field.