Wiz Khalifa Won’t Eat The Grocery Bill; Ex-Assistant Drops Lawsuit

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa was accused of failing to reimburse his former assistant for money spent on groceries in a $60,000 lawsuit.

Wiz Khalifa’s former assistant dropped a $60,000 lawsuit against the Taylor Gang leader.

According to Radar Online, the 35-year-old rapper’s ex-assistant Jason Gonzalez asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the case. Last year, Gonzalez sued his old boss over reimbursement for groceries and unpaid overtime.

Gonzalez worked for Wiz Khalifa from February 2017 to January 2019. Gonzalez referred to himself as an errand runner for the diamond-selling artist.

The ex-assistant’s lawsuit mentioned him picking up dry cleaning, groceries and prescriptions for his employer. Gonzalez allegedly had to pay for these items out of pocket as part of the gig.

Gonzalez claimed Wiz Khalifa agreed to pay the assistant back for these expenses and cover gas money. But the lawsuit accused the Pittsburgh-bred rapper of never paying for $9,000 in expenses and $1,700 for gas. Gonzalez also said his boss didn’t provide true meal breaks and failed to pay for overtime.

Wiz Khalifa allegedly fired his former assistant after Gonzalez complained about the payment issues. Gonzalez pursued legal action over wrongful termination and unpaid wages.

Gonzalez sought $60,000 for reimbursements, unpaid overtime and the lack of proper meal breaks. Wiz Khalifa denied any wrongdoing and said all of Gonzalez’s “legitimate expenses” were reimbursed.