Woman Hit On Head With Light Stand Says Tyga’s Causing Chaos In Her Life


(AllHipHop News) A woman injured at a Tyga concert has demanded the rapper’s company pays the $250,000 she’s owed in compensation.

Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga Music, LLC after a light stand fell and hit her in the head during a concert in Grand Rapids, Michigan five years ago. She claims she was left with a four-inch gash on her head, and suffered head trauma and back injuries in the accident.

Last year a Michigan judge ordered the rapper’s company to pay Shyanne $236,000 in compensation – an award that has been increased to $250,000 with interest because the organization has yet to settle the debt.
Shyanne tells TMZ.com: “I know that Tyga has a lot going on right now with other people but my situation happened five years ago so on the list of priority wise I should be taken care of.

“This was a big incident, it caused a lot of chaos in my life and it’s been five years, so he needs to take this serious (sic).”

The judgment is one of a string of financial claims made against the hip-hop star over alleged car lease and jewelry debts.

Last month he was also ordered to pay $65,000 after failing to appear at a gig. Then, last week, the rapper found himself in more legal difficulty when he was handcuffed after being pulled over for having invalid license plates on his new car.

Last year the 27-year-old musician, real name Micheal Ray Stevenson, settled a $200,000 jewelry debt.

He also faces a $150,000 lawsuit from a car lease company over allegedly missing payments for a Ferrari 488 vehicle.