Woman Who Stole Jay-Z Lyrics For Kids Book Caught In Blackface Controversy

The woman who is using Jay-Z’s lyrics for a children’s book was called out back in 2017 for being a “culture vulture.”

(AllHipHop News) Jay-Z’s Australian lawyers are gearing up for what could be a nasty fight over one of his best-known songs.

A woman named Jessica Chiha is selling a book called “AB to Jay-Z,” which directly quotes the rap star’s classic “99 Problems” to help kids learn their ABC’s.

Jay-Z’s lawyers warned her to stop selling the book in 2018, claiming she was infringing on his copyrights for the song since she never offered up a dime to use the lyrics.

Jessica Chiha issued a statement in which she expressed disappointment in Jay-Z, for protecting his assets while vowing to fight the lawsuit.

“To have someone like Jay-Z file legal proceedings is daunting beyond belief and hugely dispiriting,” Jessica Chiha told The Daily Mail, even though her company has been accused of ripping off African-American artists in the past.

In 2017, Jessica Chiha was called out for being a racist after pictures of her hubby in blackface started circulating, while the Lil Homies social media account has used the “n word” in the past.

Jessica Chiha could have more legal action to deal with if Jay-Z’s complaint is any indication of how she operates her company.

Chiha has authored other books like “First 50 Words With 50 Cent,” and “1 2 3 With the Notorious B.I.G.” and sells merchandise with lyrics from Beyonce, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, and others.